Friday, August 6, 2010

Sport-Brella Giveaways!

Serendipity Mommy and A Mom's Impression are giving away something so cool I can barely contain myself. This Sport-Brella would have been so handy on our camping trip last weekend when our campsite was in shadeless hellhole of sun on a 90ยบ day with humidity to kill.
Her giveaway ends on August 13th. Don't be shy, you can enter here and here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's My Life: Only Bandanas Giveaway

I keep my head covered every single day, and when it's not cold I usually use bandanas and other scarves. The giveaway from Only Bandanas over at It's My Life is absolutely perfect for me.

There's multiples ways to enter and you can enter It's My Life!

Thanks, Mail Carrier: Custom Flip MinoHD from CafePress {Giveaway}

Have you ever wanted one of those cute Flip cameras?  They look like this:
Thanks, Mail Carrier! is giving one away, and has a whole slew of entry methods. This is the grand finale for their anniversary bash! It seems to be a pretty popular one (who's surprized?) as there's already almost a thousand entries. Eep!

You can try your luck and enter Thanks, Mail Carrier!.